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Nice to e-meet you! That's internet for Hello. And that's also about as far as I got in planning what to say in this thing...but as a lover of spontaneity and the inability to edit my own words because that would mean actually having an awareness as to the nothingingness that I am about to ramble on about for far too long...I'm just going to go ahead and keep typing. Apparently...

Oh Happy Day

Things are definitely looking up! Not only am I on the mend but I was given the beautiful blogger award from Cassie at starting from nothing and learning as I go. What a lovely gesture!

So this means that I need to list 7 random facts about myself...I'll give it a try!

1. I can't whistle. I've tried and I've tried but I just can't do it. I'm not giving up trying just yet though! One day it will happen

2. I only wear bras and underwear that match. I know this is silly (especially because trust me, no one is seeing them) but it makes me feel more put together. And while we are on fashion, I also refuse to wear brown and black together.

3. I have NEVER dyed my hair! And I have no reason as to why not, I've actually always wanted to it's just that I have dark brown hair, freckles and green eyes so I could never see any colour looking that good on me.

4. I LOVE candy! Especially those 5 cent candies you get at the corner store. The sugary-er the better! yummmmmm

5. I hate my knees (or lack there of). I long for knees that have character and definition. This is a weird thing to long for, I realize but if you had such stubby knees as I do you would understand.

6. I am extremelly painfully indecisive. I can not make a decision if my life depended on it. My friends and family have just come to accept that if I am with them they will have to chose where we go to eat and what we do for the day, and any other decision that will come up while we are together. Most of the time it's just that I am easy going and don't have a preference, but even when I do, I still can't decide.

7. I dont swear and I dont drink beer. My mom always raised me to be lady-like so I guess thats where it comes from (and also the fact that I can't stand the taste of beer). And the no swearing is actually kind of embarassing sometimes because I literally can't do it even if I wanted to. I am the 23 year old girl who still spells out the letters of the word when repeating what someone else said.

And I am so excited to be able to pass this award on to some other beautiful bloggers!

Sam @ Simply Sam
Violet @ Lovely Violet
Becky @ I'll go eat worms
Tim @ Deconstruction of Nothing
Emily @ One More Thing
Susie Q @ Out of the Ordinary

Since joining this blog and especially since joining 20sb I have felt so welcomed! I am loving it and everyone in the blogging community! And since meeting all you wonderful people I really want to join in on this trip to Vegas. "Bloggers in Sin City". It sounds like so much fun, I still need to look into it a bit more but if things work out I think it will be a blast to party in vegas with a bunch of 20 something bloggers! Anyone planning on going??

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  1. Cassie says:

    hey, im so glad you liked your award! i have vaguely heard about the sin city thing? do you have more details?? it sounds awesome :)

  2. Sam says:

    I can kinda sorta whistle. It's very airy and not a quality whistle though. From your pic, you have beautiful hair! I wouldn't color it if I were you either, since it already compliments your features. I've colored my hair so many times, right now it's dark blond, but I think I look best when my hair is your color since I have blue eyes and red undertones. I also don't swear or drink bear. Well, I swear VERY RARELY and if I do, it's only the d-word. My parents like to tease me because I won't swear in front of them like if I'm repeating something that was said or singing along to a song that has a swear word. And beer is gross. I much prefer wine :)

    Thanks for the award!

  3. AVY says:

    Wearing underwear that match is a must!

  4. Langley says:

    Awesome facts :) Love to

  5. #6 drives me insane only because I'm not sure if you actually don't want to do what I suggest because you wouldn't say otherwise. We need to work on this...I can be your life coach (HA) Did you figure out how to be emailed the comments?

  6. Congrats! I've never dyed my hair too,I just don't feel comfortable with it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I can't bring myself to wear black and brown together either!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I can't remember how I ended up here from 20SB, but saw that you're interested in attending the Vegas event! The huge blogger meetups are awesome because you'll instantly get 30+ best friends for a short period. It's really something else!

    All the info compiled here if you're considering:

    By the way, I can't whistle either. I thought I was alone. Maybe it's good that I found myself here. :)

  9. TbR says:

    I can't whistle, while my brother can whistle breathing in or breathing out - a kind of whistling ambidexterity. I'm jealous.

    Also, I don't think I've ever really made a decision in my life - I even get quite stressed if people back me into a corner and try and force me to decide where to go ;)

  10. Andhari says:

    I can't whistle too and I prefer matching underwears :) I think it's great that you don't curse and don't drink beer. I don't like beer either but my goodness, i often curse. :p I definitely need to be more lady-like!

  11. kisekae says:

    haha im so glad to see im not the only one who can't whistle! lol thanks for all the comments!

  12. /win

    will not repost mwahahahah.

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