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Nice to e-meet you! That's internet for Hello. And that's also about as far as I got in planning what to say in this thing...but as a lover of spontaneity and the inability to edit my own words because that would mean actually having an awareness as to the nothingingness that I am about to ramble on about for far too long...I'm just going to go ahead and keep typing. Apparently...

Stay Gold

I keep thinking things can’t possibly get any better but somehow every time I go out I manage to top the day before!

Today I went out for more Olympic adventures with my mother, grandmother, and brother (it was quite the family affair!). It was another beautiful sunny day but at this point I have pretty much seen all the Olympic venues more than once so it was actually kind of dull going through them all again but its always good to see other people get excited about it and be able to show them neat stuff etc.

The best part was walking along Granville street because there were tons of street performers (which I have a weird obsession with and could literally spend all day watching them, sometimes even the same ones over). But even better than that was that I spotted a group of hipster looking guys (which is totally my type, so obviously my eyes were drawn towards them) only to realize that it was the entire band Mother Mother (which happens to be one of my favorites!) . I got really shy and just walked away but about 10mins later I was disappointed with myself because no one was even recognizing them so I should really go over and say something! So I went back and luckily they were still there and I got my mom to go up to them (yah I chickened out), so she asked them if I could get a picture and they were so friendly and said of course! They got the whole band together and all introduced themselves and Ryan the lead singer introduced me to all of them and I chatted to them for a bit. It was reaaaally cool! So yah that made my whole day!


I spent the rest of the day with the fam but come late afternoon they were all ready to leave. I had been texting with a friend, Amer, who suggested meeting up with her but it wouldn’t be until around 930 and at this point it was still only like 4 so I debated whether I should just go home for the night or stick around by my lonesome until then (At this point you should know me well enough to know which one I went with).

So I took a little stroll along the water and back to Granville when Brittany and Alicia both texted me that they were coming downtown and wanted to meet up so it was perfect! I met them both at the skytrain and unfortunately Brittany had to leave right away but Alicia and I were there for the night!

We had no plans other than to watch the fireworks show, which we did with her Cousin Melissa and her bf. But aside from that we literally just paced back and forth up and down the streets partying with random strangers (who were all pumped because Canada had just won the hockey game). We started a little competition as to who could get the most high-fives from strangers but we lost count pretty fast! We danced with strangers in the street and got pictures with Canadian fans etc. It was a blast!


We spotted the Aritzia saskquatch and got our picture taken with him and then one of the workers came over to Alicia and gave her a gift certificate and a gold medal necklace! I was super jealous but luckily Alicia was smart and made the girl notice me and then I got one too. It was actually for 20$ which was sweet!! We were very excited because apparently only the really stylish girls get the gold medals! We showed them off all night and got plenty of compliments of them!!
As we were walking through the crowds we stumbled upon a game of red-rover that spontaneously formed out of the crowd and next thing we knew we were playing. One of us on each side calling the other over. It was an intense game. We were the only girls and probably also the only sober people playing which looking back was probably not the smartest idea but it was fun! We both sucked but it was still fun!
I also started swing dancing with some stranger (actually he started swing dancing with me) which was hilarious because out of no where his girlfriend came over and grabbed him and was like *lets go!* hahaha she was laughing but I could feel the hate in her eyes!

Alicia and I had guys give us some pretty funny comments as well. You always get the stupid guys who like mumble something inappropriate and before you can even see who said it they are gone, but we had some good ones tonight! The best was that we each separately had a guy tell us that we are so pretty. Drunk eyes and all.
It started getting pretty cold out and considering I live in what Vancouverites consider the boonies (about 20 minutes outside of Vancouver), I figured I better head home. Alicia and I caught the skytrain and said goodbye at her stop.

Unfortunately from my stop I also have to take a bus and as I was waiting at the bus stop (yes, classiest place to get picked up ever!), some guys came over and asked me if I had any weed. Which if you know what I look like and how I dress is quite funny because of all the people at that bus stop I’m sure I looked like the least likely person to be carrying marijuana. They were disappointed. Another guy came up who seemed to be with them but embarrassed for them at the same time, apologized to me for them being idiots. He was actually really cute so I was happy to start up a conversation and then when the bus did come he came and sat with me and I found out that he just moved here because he is in a band and they are playing out here etc. He actually missed his bus stop so that he could talk to me so I figured giving him my number was the least I could do!
Now I am off to bed! …Hopefully!

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