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Nice to e-meet you! That's internet for Hello. And that's also about as far as I got in planning what to say in this thing...but as a lover of spontaneity and the inability to edit my own words because that would mean actually having an awareness as to the nothingingness that I am about to ramble on about for far too long...I'm just going to go ahead and keep typing. Apparently...

Ignite the Dream

I have been on the go non stop since the Olympic Games started and if I don't blog about it now I am afraid I am going to forget all of the wonderful fantastic things that have been happening.

On Friday I headed to main street with a friend where they had a bunch of the Pavillions such as Saskatchewan, Russia, Ontario etc. To be honest most of them were pretty disappointing as there was really nothing to see inside. However I did enjoy the Ontario House where you go into a movie theatre for a 4D show (except that it is the middle of winter and they thought it was a good idea to spray the audience with water as part of it).

Russia was given the biggest Pavillion as they are host to the next winter games. Again there was not too much going on inside and everything they did have was completely in Russian. My friend and I saw a crowd of people lined up to get pictures and an autograph with someone, we had no clue who she was but a lady explained that apparently the women is a 10 time world figureskating champian and a 3 olympic gold medalist. So of course we lined up and got photos! Unfortunatally I don't even remember her name, it was Irina something...

We walked up and down the seawall along with the million other people, and because it was the day of the opening ceremonies and we were right by BC Place, we saw everyone heading into the stadium (wishing of course that it was us! But still not worth the $1000 dollars that it supposedly cost).

As we were walking there were two guys in front of us that had on matching jackets that said NORWAY on the back, my friend said that they must be atheletes but I was sure that they couldn't be. We debated for a minute and then she was smart and just asked them, sure enough they really were! She turned to me and said "see! I told you they were atheletes!" right in front of them, so I just smiled and walked away. But then I realized that I should have atleast gotten a picture with them, so embarassingly we went back and asked if we could take a picture. They were very nice but again, I never got their names or even sport!

During these few weeks it has been my mission to make the most out of my city and get as much out of this whole event as possible, specifically for free. We are going to be paying these olympics off for a long time so I might as well take advantage of all I can for free!
We had fun collecting all that we could such as flags, maps, free hot chocolate, free lollipops, perfume, face spray, phone cards, and the list goes on. My friend put a stop to it when I lined up to get a balloon animal because everytime I got something free, 10 minutes later I would be complaining that I didn't want to hold it.

From here I met up with aliciafashionista as we had planned to go to the livecity celebration site in Yaletown to watch the Opening Ceremonies. We got there about an hour and a half before it started but apparently were waaaay to late. The line to get in went about 10 million blocks long (it took us half an hour just to walk down the line and still could not manage to see the end of it) Sadly we had to give up and move on but it seemed as though every single place we went to was packed full with people! We finally lucked out and got in to a really nice lounge type place (not quite the same environment as livecity or even a pub would have been but everyone was still loud and excited). We enjoyed some wine and watched the rest of the show.

Unfortunately this is still Vancouver and although it has been uncharacteristically warm, we just can't escape the rain. Me of course being in tights and flats maybe wasn't the smartest idea. But I was bright enough to bring my polka dot and frill umbrella but in a mob of people I don't Alicia appreciated being behind me, having to appologise to everyone we passed because apparently I was poking them all. (Funny at the time but having been downtown since, and being the one getting poked by others' umbrella's it was not funny at all).

After the ceremony we walked along granville street and randomly bumped into another friend of ours. She was just by herself, waiting for other friends so we all joined together and went to The Morressey. The vibe downtown no matter where you go is so energetic and patriotic it is seriously so much fun! There is just such a positive energy everywhere you! After a few drinks we realized that the best place to be was literally in the street.

Alicia left and the rest of us hung out wandering the streets that were PACKED with people! People yelling and screaming, dressed in canadian flags, spontaneously breaking into song every 10 mintues, etc.

Everytime I go out with Jana I always have a blast because she is crazy and loves to have a good time. She also doesnt get embarassed no matter what she is doing. She came up with the idea that we should run up to random people on the streets and take funny photos with them so we did that, and then we would find someone taking a picture and ask if they would take one of us, but instead of giving them our camera to take the picture we would just wait for them to take one with their own camera. The expressions were priceless. People didnt know what to do and it was awkward in the best possible way. Or when people went to take our picture we would go lower, so they would have to aim the camera lower, then we would go higher. etc. Yah we are mature!

They have these cut outs that you can pose in so we would find other tourists posing and take pictures of them, directing them how to pose (they were so confused it was hilarious).

There was a guy riding on another guys shoulders and someone yelled at me to poke him in the bum so without thinking I ran up and poked him and ran off so he wouldnt know it was me but he turned around and said with a completely straight face "that was weird". It was very funny at the time.

And we were not the only ones running around being crazy, I think most of the people were, so just as much as we were going up to strangers, they were coming up to us. This one guy ran up to me and grabbed my face and literally made out with my entire mouth area as I stood there in shock. My face was actually wet.

This went on for a loooong while until I met up with Curtis and Brock and we decided to jump on the skytrain and head home. Brock kept making comments about how the party was going to continue at my house and as much as I didn't want it to, i gave them a pity invite and much to disappointment they said yes. They ended up staying over til 530 doing absolutely nothing. Im pretty sure I was like asleep on the couch but they really weren't getting the hint to leave.

When they finally did depart I jumped into bed and was out like a light.

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