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Nice to e-meet you! That's internet for Hello. And that's also about as far as I got in planning what to say in this thing...but as a lover of spontaneity and the inability to edit my own words because that would mean actually having an awareness as to the nothingingness that I am about to ramble on about for far too long...I'm just going to go ahead and keep typing. Apparently...

Our Own Pretty Way

Tight and Bright Girls weekend was absolutely crazy and soooo much fun! Here I am still recovering from the lack of sleep and overdose of snack food, among other things.

It took us awhile to get our act's together the day of (being that it was the morning after the Canada Day celebrations), and the fact that we are girls who tend to pack a lot...

We pulled in to Chelsea's place where a few girls had already arrived and had clearly already started drinking as they were shouting and screaming at us off the patio. It was going to be a loooong weekend. 

I'll let the photo's tell the rest of the story

Canadace wins for best outfit

My camera is filled with a million pictures like this....and worse
Cheers to Kadie who gave an emotional speech
Happy Birthday Kadie!!! xox
Alcohol may have been involved...those aren't even my shoes!

Yes, we danced on the pole, and Kadie even fell off the pole trying to dance all sexy
Start of Day 2, 10:00am

My English Husband and I 

Thanks for Everything Girls!


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  1. Bah, what a crazy weekend!

  2. Ken says:

    haha silly photos =]

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