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Sun Run 2010

Every year Vancouver puts on a 10km run for charity called the Sun Run. Over the years it has grown into a HUGE event and they raise a ton of money for different charities. Last year was my first time to participate as I am not much of a runner and never thought I could actually run for 10km but in the end I made it and had so much fun doing it that I signed myself up again this year.

Its great because there are so many people not only doing the race, but also along the sidelines cheering everyone on, as well as bands and performers all pumping you up to run harder and faster.

This year there were over 50 000 people in the race! They close down most of the city just to be able to have all the streets completely open to the runners. They obviously have to stagger start times just because of the overwhelming amount of people. And even so, you are practically weaving in and out of people the entire time.

Luckily it was sunny out but at the same time it got a little too hot. I wanted to die jump in the ocean after 2km.

I did the run in just over an hour which isn't terrific but I was just happy to pass the finish line!!

At the end of the race there's another big celebration for all the runners with free giveaways and snacks.
After being exhausted from just finishing the race, I immediately wanted something to drink and it just so happened that there was a volunteer standing in front of me handing out red-bull. I assumed that it was just tiny cans of normal red-bull so I drank 3 thinking that it still wouldn't equal a full sized can but then realized that they were actually condensed energy shots (which for someone who doesn't even drink coffee and just finished running 10km was probably quite a shock to my body).

They were giving away a bunch of free stuff, and I LOVE free stuff. I waited in this one line and got a huge bottle of protein powder, and no I don't use the stuff, but it was FREE!

After hanging out for a bit and meeting up with friends, I headed home as it was mother's day and all.
When I got back home and buzzed up to my apartment. No one picked up.

This was not good considering that I didn't bring my keys or even my wallet with me because I didn't want to have to hold on to anything during the run.

I called my mom so see where she was (well yeah, I brought my phone, but thats different...) only to find out that she was about 30mins away at my grandma's for mothers day.

All I wanted to do was whine and make her come home and let me in so I could eat everything in sight and then pass out, but it was Mother's day.

I took my gigantic tub of protein powder and ran over to the park. At this point I look like a complete mess, bangs all over the place, sweaty, most likely smelly, and my body aching and crippled. Combine that with the nervous shake and odd twitch of my face from the overdose of red-bull and stomach filled with nothing but a half of a banana and some warm chocolate milk from the race and I was quite the spectacle, I'm sure.

I found the only empty bench which was pretty much in the middle of the whole park and fell asleep, with my arm awkwardly cradling my jug of protein powder.

3.5 hours later my mom came home.

By that point I was pretty much hallucinating.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! That was great. I always wanted to participate in events like this but there is none and the city is pretty much far.

    You really slept in the park? Hahaha!

  2. Sam says:

    Congrats on completing the 10k! I love how you described yourself after and that you fell asleep in the park holding on to your protein powder! haha! love it.

  3. Amber says:

    You slept on a bench? That's pretty hardcore.

    This weekend was the bay-to-breakers here in San Francisco, which is a race that's less about running and more about getting drunk, walking around naked/dressed as Beetlejuice, etc.

  4. Booya says:

    Man i would of been trample if i enter into the Sun Run. Reminds me of the 5 mile walk for the relay for life we had years ago on the beach.

  5. Anonymous says:

    How is it POSSIBLE that you're out for a run and you still looking fuckin' gorgeous?

    I hate you.

    Kind of.

    OK, so I don't. Quit with the dimple flashing.

    Next time, take the key and stick it in your bra. Honestly.

  6. kisekae says:

    hahahaha I will keep that advice in mind! And I should explain that the park I slept in is pretty safe, i'm not THAT hardcore, lol :)

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