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Nice to e-meet you! That's internet for Hello. And that's also about as far as I got in planning what to say in this thing...but as a lover of spontaneity and the inability to edit my own words because that would mean actually having an awareness as to the nothingingness that I am about to ramble on about for far too long...I'm just going to go ahead and keep typing. Apparently...

Under English Skies

I feel I've been a bit mysterious in my posts lately and I think that it stems from an uncertainty I've been feeling.
I usually don't blog about people that I am serious about (which, not so luckily for me has been everyone I've had any contact with since the moment I started blogging) and this new person brought with him a lot of risk, which it has taken me time to feel comfortable with.

So I guess now is when I should tell of our story.

I've never had a real 'online relationship' with anyone, and believe me when I say I had my reservations towards them, but I suppose it kind of just snuck up on me unexpectedly over time. In fact, it was this very blog itself that led me to finding love.

It's hard enough for my friends to accept that I blog, let alone falling for someone else in this crazy social networking interweb of a world. In fact, even I took some time to fully accept the realities of the dreaded 'we met online' thing. Dating a blogger has been interesting to say the least and I'm sure to provide more detailed examples in the coming posts, but for now we'll stick to the basics.

Back at the beginning, back where this whole blog started, was on a promise that I made to myself to be more open to experiences and on taking more chances.

I had been tested many times on this, and have done things that I never would have before. It's taken me to new places, to meeting curious people and I really must say that almost everything that's come of it has brought new light to my life, none moreso than him.

When it came to deciding on a place to holiday as my graduation gift, I really couldn't imagine not giving this relationship the chance I felt it deserved. I had never physically met him, and I understood that from the outside everything that I was about to do questioned my sanity and my judgement, but it was something that I just had to do. And of course I wasn't completely alone. Although no one in my real-life world quite understood, he was always on the same page as me and inspired me with more confidence than I could ever have on my own. I knew that this was my opportunity to take my greatest risk of all, and even if it didn't work out, at least I wouldn't be left with a 'what if'.

So what all of this gets down to, is here I am, typing to you from a certain boy's bedroom in England, where I came on instincts of the heart.

And what has come of all this?
I will put it simply and say, love.
Lots and lots of love.

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  1. Words cannot express how happy I am that it all worked out. I watched your video last night. It made me sick in the best way lol. Does this mean you'll be moving to England? If so, I'll start planning my trip there xo

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have no idea the history behind this but it sounds so romantic and sweet! I'm happy for you.

  3. I'm so happy for both of you!!! :D

  4. I'm so happy for u Fiona :) I feel that ur walking in my shoes, but I kno u'll have a happy ending to ur online meeting :D

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