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Nice to e-meet you! That's internet for Hello. And that's also about as far as I got in planning what to say in this thing...but as a lover of spontaneity and the inability to edit my own words because that would mean actually having an awareness as to the nothingingness that I am about to ramble on about for far too long...I'm just going to go ahead and keep typing. Apparently...

Who doesn't love a girl that smells like Tangerine

Prepare to be jealous of my wonderful date (I was there and I'm jealous of it). Just remember that I am still single and lonely. Minus the lonely bit just for this day. But single. Definitely single. And cursed.

So if you remember Swiss fellow from a previous post...well we have been out a few more times and it's still nothing serious but we always have a lot of fun together and have been hanging out more often lately (but I promise myself not to get too attached because he actually just found out he is leaving back to Switzerland in 2 weeks. Perfect).

Well yesterday we started out the day by having a lovely brunch together after which we sat at the piano and butchered played a few songs together. Did I mention that he did the dishes?

From there we decided to walk to the ocean-side park. It was a beautifully sunny day out and there was a concert playing at the park so the scenery just happened to also be pretty much perfect. As we were walking along, he jumped off the path and down to the beach where he continued to take off his shoes and walk along the sand, encouraging me to follow. I was a little more hesitant as it's quite messy and seaweed-y and ocean-y. But I agreed to walk a few steps, shoes on.

As he dragged me we walked further along, the sand/mud became extremely slippery (as the tide was really far out) and I had no choice but to give in a take my shoes off. Immediately my feet sunk ankle deep into the sand and my toes filled with the squishy mud. It was disgusting and felt icky and gross, but I later decided that I actually quite liked the feeling.

He held my hand and picked me up every time that I got stuck in the sand (which was many). We walked and walked and walked, picking up seashells and pointing out crabs until we finally came to the water and again I was persuaded by him to drop my inhibitions and get my feet wet. Literally.

He tied my dress for me so that it wouldn't get wet (or at least that was the idea) and we walked what looked like a mile out to sea, still only knee-high. It was such an unexpected way to be spending the way, when I had just assumed we would go for a walk along the trail and was now wading in the waves of the ocean. And as I was standing there thinking this to myself, he picked me up out of the water and kissed me. He then proceeded to hold both my hands and slow dance with me in the middle of the ocean (with the band still playing lovely jazz music in the background).

So there I was, being swung, dipped, and twirled by a handsome swiss lad in the middle of the ocean.

It was kind of perfect.

After splashing around in the water for hours and helping some kids build a wall of sand, we continued to walk on the normal people path, and out onto the dock.

He offered to hold my purse for me which I thought was awfully gentlemanly of him, until of course I realized it was only to pick me up and carry me into the children's water park and hold me over top of a fountain, drenching me completely. What he didn't perhaps realize was that my dress goes see-through when wet. (I need to stop getting wet on dates [no sexual innuendo intended]). But I guess that just added to the sponteneity of it...?

He then continued to convince little children to spray me with water guns. But at least he kind of made up for it by giving me a movie moment and kissing me under the fountain.

I guess that was...cute?
(Who am I kidding, I was completely taken by the whole event. Hitting him girlishly and saying 'oh my gosh, stop this immediately!' really meant, 'Swoon, swoon, swoon-swoon Is anybody seeing this? Swoon. I hope people are seeing this.Swoon. Of course they are, they are soooo jealous right now. Look at their faces. That's right, I'm THAT couple right now. Swoon.

After being completely soaked, we headed back to the apartment where we figured we were already wet, we might as well go to the swimming pool.

So we played around in the pool for the evening which I have never done with a boy before and it was so much fun! I was a 12 year old all over again, splashing around doing somersaults and handstands. It was romantic to be swimming around together but at the same time it's not the most prone to good-lookingness of environments. Having my hair slicked back (especially for someone used to having bangs/fringe 24/7) and what was left of my make-up running down my face, maybe not my best look. Oh and even more so when he dunked me underwater unexpectedly and I came up and accidentally spat out a mouth full of water directly into his face. Oops.

We decided to have a race but 3 seconds in when I realized that I had no chance of winning, I pretended that I had choked on some water and had to stop. He bought it and kissed my cheek... I guess I'm kind of competitive.

I did however win another bet we had on whether or not this young guy and girl were a couple. When they kissed I cheered in excitement, not realizing how loud I was when they stopped kissing and both looked at me. I'm not the most stealth human being.

He carried me over to the pool 'rule' sign and told me that I'd better read #7 which read 'all persons with long hair are required to wear a hair cap' and tsk tsk'd me that I was breaking the rules.

So I told him to read #3:
'No animals allowed'.

When we were all swam out we went back upstairs and had some spaghetti on the patio while watching the sunset after which we cuddled on the sofa and watched movies.

C'est magnifique!

Good dates are the best!
I hope I'm not doomed for dating from now on.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I hate you.


  2. Booya says:

    Where the tangerines?

  3. TbR says:

    This all sounds a bit romcom! Very impressive. Good work. Damn shame he's heading back to Switzerland though.

    PS GEOCACHING. I found 4 today. No shit. I'm a complete geek but I was on a roll and couldn't stop.

  4. Marlee says:

    Oh my god, dancing in the ocean... <3 SWOON. I'm swooning over this guy and I don't have a clue what he looks like HAHA. That is seriously sooo cute Brandi! It's too bad he's moving back :(

  5. Sadako says:

    Aw, sounds great! :)

  6. après visite sur votre blog, je ne chose que vous êtes totalement un blogueur super haute couture

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